Put the legal experience of Houston, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyers  Owsley & Associates to work for you.
Put the legal experience of Houston, Texas traffic and speeding ticket lawyers Owsley & Associates to work for you.

With twenty plus years of experience and over 5,000 traffic ticket cases handled, our clients traffic tickets are almost always either dismissed, dismissed with a fine or reduced to a non moving violation which will not appear on their driver's license record.

Since 1987, clients have been hiring us to represent them in their Houston, Texas traffic and speeding ticket cases. We help them avoid auto insurance premium increases, missed work, and travel expenses since they usually don't have to go to court themselves. We go to court for you and obtain dismissals or work out deals that keep the ticket off your driving record.

All attorneys handling traffic tickets can boast of dismissals. However, at Owsley & Associates we have only had only a few tickets ever go on client's driving record (including CDL's) in over 5,000 traffic ticket cases we've handled.

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In our streamlined system, and in most Houston, Texas traffic or speeding violation cases, there is no need for meetings at our office or even the need for you to appear in court for your hearing. Just call Owsley & Associates at 713-275-6900 or use the contact form here to submit your Houston, Texas traffic or speeding ticket information. We do all the work and appear on your behalf. It's that simple.

We help Houston, Texas motorists with legal representation with the following types of traffic tickets, summons and violations:

Speeding tickets
Red lights
Stop signs
Accident tickets
Photo tickets
Curfew violations
Passing school bus
Reckless driving
Carpool – HOV
No insurance
No registration
No drivers license
Missed court dates
DOT violations
Equipment violations
Commercial Driver Licenses – CDL
Failure to appear
Traffic Ticket Warrants

Houston, Texas traffic court procedures are quite unfamiliar to most people. Which is why it can be difficult for most motorists to make a persuasive presentation to the judge. Having an attorney or lawyer represent you can dramatically increase the chances of winning the traffic case and receiving a smaller or no fine at all.

Owsley & Associates are Texas traffic lawyers who know the local court rules and have had previous cases in front of the same local judges. Our traffic ticket defense experience will examine all aspects of your case.

If you have a Houston, Texas traffic ticket or speeding ticket, turn to traffic ticket attorneys Owsley & Associates for a free consultation of your case. We offer our services throughout most of the State of Texas.

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